we have a
100% success rate

Every client who has used our service for Amazon management has experienced an increase in sales, page ranking, and net profit from advertising within 60 days.*

what we do

Research. Strategize.
Create. Rinse. Repeat

We thoroughly review every detail of your Amazon account and its selling history. We then create a list of each segment needing attention and plan of action for improvement. Once implemented we design a series of A/B tests - experimental changes to be applied to a segment in pursuit of better performance. Examples of these segments are images, titles, advertising features, and so on. This experimentation cycle is repeated until maximum sales revenue is achieved.

what we offer

We manage up to 100%
of your Amazon account,
including fulfillment.

Whether you just need some small repairs or are looking for comprehensive, full time management, FME will provide it. Furthermore, we offer fulfillment services that reduce your Amazon FBA fees by 50% while maintaining Prime eligibility for your products. FME provides the same service for your eCommerce orders as well.


We are expert advertisers.
Amazon. Facebook. Google.

FME began as a digital advertising agency to the eCommerce market. Our roots are firmly planted in the strategy of product advertising. When it comes to Amazon, Amazon advertising is essential but it is not enough. We use special methods to drive Facebook and Google AdWords traffic to your Amazon products as well, increasing sales far beyond what is available within Amazon alone.

inventory & fulfillment

We break down bulk product shipments, fulfill for eCommerce & Amazon.

Many sellers have difficulty breaking down bulk products for individual sale. In many cases, improperly packaged and labelled product dramatically increases FBA fees. FME will receive your pallets, break them down for individual sale, and send them to FBA or keep some to fulfill eCommerce orders. We have a warehouse and shipping center that can accommodate almost any ecommerce scenario.

Get proposal/pricing:

We offer near-instant pricing quotes.

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Free Analysis.

FME always provides a full, comprehensive account review at no charge to any qualifying prospective client. There is absolutely no cost and no obligation. All we need is a quick conversation to learn about your company and history with Amazon and we review the account within hours.

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